Blogging Process

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I’m going to go through a couple of things that have helped me and my team put out this blog platform. Some things being written are not always popular, but must be shared. As bloggers we go through a thought process after all we are writers at heart. There are specifics we like to check off before we post content we deem valuable.

What do people want to read about? What do people need? What do people want? People will pay for things they need to solve a problem they might have, so if something is free to consume why not consume it? People like to party, they don’t need to but they like to. People want limo rides they don’t necessarily need them but love them. People need local contractor services such as Kitchener plumbers to fix leaks or electricians to fix electrical issues. People will pay for these services even if they don’t want to because they are a must have necessity rather than a simple desire. 

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The Martian


The Martian was released on October 2nd 2015, the movie stars Matt Damon as botanist Mark Watney who was left stranded on Mars (The Red Planet). The movie goes through series of events that test the renowned botanist and his survival skills. It begins by his team of astronauts leaving him behind he was thought to be dead after a super storm rolled through. Even still Nasa and his teammates do not give up hope and prepare a rescue mission to bring the botanist back home, similar to how emergency roadside assistance Kansas City MO would do when they are dispatched to an emergency call.

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Solar Energy

energy-139366_1280Imagine how much actual Solar Energy would be needed to power an entire structure that solely relies on that energy alone. As stated in the previous post there was a massive mega-structure sucking all the solar power out of one area around it. It has always been a race to harness the power of the sun to power things on earth.

Everything from your local electrical, heating and plumbing contractors and everything in between, many industries are steadily breaking new ground with new technological discoveries. It is amazing to believe that we may have discovered a civilization that may have beaten us to the punch with their very own star. The question remains can we learn from them instead of being afraid?

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Alien Megastructure

For the past couple of days the story of this mysterious “Alien Mega-structure” has caught the attention of the media and everyday earthlings like myself. This “alien thing” is orbiting what is called a “weird star”. Does this mean there is an alien civilization out there capable of building a structure that can harness the power of it’s star? All of their energy may be of the solar type, what would that say about their plumbing situation, is it solar powered as well? This structure is complex it’s not like we can transport out there and tow the floating structure back to earth to verify it’s authenticity. Click on the link below to get a better sense of what the big fuss is all about.

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