For the past couple of days the story of this mysterious “Alien Mega-structure” has caught the attention of the media and everyday earthlings like myself. This “alien thing” is orbiting what is called a “weird star”. Does this mean there is an alien civilization out there capable of building a structure that can harness the power of it’s star? All of their energy may be of the solar type, what would that say about their plumbing situation, is it solar powered as well? This structure is complex it’s not like we can transport out there and tow the floating structure back to earth to verify it’s authenticity. Click on the link below to get a better sense of what the big fuss is all about.

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My reason for pointing this out in this article is because of my fascination with the stars and sky’s. As a child I would routinely go camping with my dad I loved every minute of it. I could remember packing up and setting off on that road trip with my dad, camping was our thing. I loved doing the things that came with camping fishing, hunting, marshmellows and using an out house. The part I loved the most and I can remember this vividly is when it was time to put the tent up.

We would gather all of our belongings and hide them from the wild animals that decided to raid our food stash. We would tell ghost stories and stay up for hours under the tent just doing family things and enjoying the wilderness. When everybody would crash I would stay up and just gaze at the stars in the sky.

I would always wonder what was going on up there. I would think to myself what if there are “Earth-Like” people like me out there? We have had several types of stories and close encounters reported, but nothing solid that would stick. We have Roswell, ET, Superman, Alien the movie, E.T.C. Hollywood proves nothing but now that this report and visual has dropped about a “Alien-Mega-structure” out there orbiting a weird star, this may be more factual than not.

space-886061_1920As a child I always wanted to know if there was life outside of our own. I would spend countless hours researching my obsession online but my curiosity was never fed. Now with this story dropping it has revived that child like feeling I got when that camping trip came around. I will now try to dig deeper and put more info out there to bring more like minded people together. Folks I do not mean to bore you by putting out this information but my passion for finding the truth burns in me. Please do not think the government will take the time to reveal or share the truth with you or me, they will not.

I am coming to you the reader not as Scientist, Military Specialist, Doctor of the sky but as a regular person with a passion for the truth and the universe. Most importantly I come to you as a real person who wants to know truth and if we are alone.

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