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I’m going to go through a couple of things that have helped me and my team put out this blog platform. Some things being written are not always popular, but must be shared. As bloggers we go through a thought process after all we are writers at heart. There are specifics we like to check off before we post content we deem valuable.

What do people want to read about? What do people need? What do people want? People will pay for things they need to solve a problem they might have, so if something is free to consume why not consume it? People like to party, they don’t need to but they like to. People want limo rides they don’t necessarily need them but love them. People need local contractor services such as Kitchener plumbers to fix leaks or electricians to fix electrical issues. People will pay for these services even if they don’t want to because they are a must have necessity rather than a simple desire. 

My point in saying all this is that people will pay for necessities and if something like this blog site is free they will consume it whether they disagree with the opinions or not. I have produced 2 blog sites, obviously you are on one of them now. I create these sites with an open mind and keep in the reader in mind at all times. I have been doing this process for a while now and realize that loyal readers will consume my content and come back for more. That energy is what fuels this blogging world of ours.

My goal now is to build out two more blog sites strictly based on needs and go from there. I have equipped myself with a team of writers who help me brainstorm projects. I am investing in myself and my future, and I continue to learn the reading patterns and behaviors of people. We have also built out a 6 point website creation system.

Read my list below, feel free to copy and paste these points:

  1.       Wants and needs.
  2.       High tickets to fix Real Problems.
  3.       Build out your marketing sites based on need’s.
  4.       What topic are people willing to consume and deem valuable?
  5.       Is your most article worth a read?
  6.       Utilize techniques to quickly build out your blog sites.

Start Your own Blog Today!

Think about it like this you are killing two birds with one stone with your copyrighting process, help a business, help people. Now I also want to share another point system, this one is more designed for your personal mindset.

Key Lessons to implement in your Business in the next 30 days for Massive Success.

  1.       Do not let fear or other’s criticism take you over follow your heart. 
  2.       Go after the Big Fish, do not be afraid be controversial and edgy.
  3.       Have the Balls to switch paths, switch it up for the better.
  4.       Surround yourself with a solid and loyal team.
  5.       You can go back and fix things on your website after the initial launch.
  6.       A+ players will help you take it to the next level…Work with the best of the best.
  7.       Blogging is the way to go, may be the best way to build an online business.
  8.       Nothing fails like success, when you are winning keep fighting like your losing.

I hope this post strikes a cord with you, now you have a better understanding of who I am and the content I push out. Please contact me directly with any questions or comments.

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