energy-139366_1280Imagine how much actual Solar Energy would be needed to power an entire structure that solely relies on that energy alone. As stated in the previous post there was a massive mega-structure sucking all the solar power out of one area around it. It has always been a race to harness the power of the sun to power things on earth.

Everything from your local electrical, heating and plumbing contractors and everything in between, many industries are steadily breaking new ground with new technological discoveries. It is amazing to believe that we may have discovered a civilization that may have beaten us to the punch with their very own star. The question remains can we learn from them instead of being afraid?

Read a Washington Post Article on this topic.

Solar Energy may be the answer to all of our problems here at home, reducing the use of fossil fuels would be the first thing to dump. The one of many issues we have here at home is wanting to be the biggest and baddest corporation to pour money into it and dominate the space. If our leaders would just open their eyes and realize the benefits of Solar Energy, we would all win. Look at our cosmic friends, it seems like they have found a way to harness and store that power without going to war with each other.

There was a article written a while back where some top U.S. government officials urged congress to inform the public of some of the past and new discoveries. Some thought weapons were going to be placed in space just in case of a “cosmic attack”. Instead of using these new discoveries for earthly improvements they are being hoarded for special interest. Simply put, just like our neighbors are relying on their star we are doing the same but in a mob sense.

Many folks and businesses have benefited form implementing solar tactics to everyday life, check them out below.

  • Solar Heat for Swimming Pools
  • Ventilation systems using solar power
  • Water Heaters
  • Outside lighting for your yard or business.

The list goes on, there many benefits to using Solar Energy here at home. The war is between the 900 pound gorilla (special interest) and the little guy (small business owner). We all should have equal opportunity to flourish and harness solar energy. What if our buddies from beyond were not hostile at all and could show us a thing or two about Solar Energy and how using it properly could propel civilizations for years.

Another lingering question many professionals are asking, is this Solar Energy being artificially harnessed? These beings may be light years ahead of us or simply just smarter. The point is we need to wake up and realize that our future is now and we must step our game, maybe we should innovative sooner than later. Our lively hoods rely on disposing of fossil fuels and reducing pollution on our planet.

I briefly listed 4 benefits of Solar Energy, but there are many more out there we need to discover. Only time will time maybe our cosmic buddies can show us the way.

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