Blogging Process

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I’m going to go through a couple of things that have helped me and my team put out this blog platform. Some things being written are not always popular, but must be shared. As bloggers we go through a thought process after all we are writers at heart. There are specifics we like to check off before we post content we deem valuable.

What do people want to read about? What do people need? What do people want? People will pay for things they need to solve a problem they might have, so if something is free to consume why not consume it? People like to party, they don’t need to but they like to. People want limo rides they don’t necessarily need them but love them. People need local contractor services such as Kitchener plumbers to fix leaks or electricians to fix electrical issues. People will pay for these services even if they don’t want to because they are a must have necessity rather than a simple desire. 

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